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BS (HONS) Big Data Management and Application

BS (HONS) Big Data Management and Application

Big Data Management and Application refers to the efficient handling, enterprise or use of massive volumes of structured and unstructured data belonging to an organization.

Graduates from Big Data Management have extraordinary prominence in both worldwide market and China. China Campus Network Bangladesh is giving extraordinary opportunities to Bangladeshi students to study in china on Big Data Management at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Holding the World QS ranking 285 , Asian ranking 35 and nation ranking #10.

Big data is a term used to refer to data sets that are too massive or complicated for common data-processing application software to effectively deal with. Now big data originally related to 5 key concepts: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity and Value. Big Data analytics equipment and methods are rising in demand due to the use of Big Data in businesses. Big data is used to higher recognize clients and their behaviors and preferences. Companies are eager to enlarge their usual data sets with social media data, browser logs as properly as textual content analytics and sensor data to get an extra complete photograph of their customers. Web data is essential due to the fact, it is one of the predominant methods organizations can access to facts that isn't always generated through themselves. Its uses are nevertheless being determined as the technology for turning unstructured data into structured data improves.

Future of Big Data Management and Application in CHINA

China is innovative in big data. The whole data quantity of China will account for 20% of the global quantity by 2020. China will be the world's No. 1 country in data aid and a world data center.

Size and forecast of the international big data market 2012-2022(E) in USD Billions 2012: 11.4 billion USD 2016: 43.7 billion USD 2022(E): 95.2 billion USD (Analysis Report of Big Data Industry, Qian Zhan Industry Research Institute.) 1.5 million Big data analyst wanted in China which will expand to 2 million by 2025. 60% of positions introduced through Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent. ALIBABA Cloud launched “Malaysia Tianehi Big Data Program" in 2017.ALIBABA Cloud Operates First Global data center in Indonesia from March 2018. COO of MDEC hopes to reinforce about 20,000 Big Data talents through 2020.

Key Features

  • 1

    Data in Healthcare. 

  • 2

    Data in Traffic

  • 3

    Data in Finance

  • 4

    Data in Retail

  • 5

    Data in Logistic

  • 6

    Data in Education

  • 7

    Data in Manufacturing.

  • 8

    Data in Media & Entertainment.

  • 9

    Data in the Internet of Things

  • 10

    Data in Government projects

  • 11

    Identifying the root motives of disasters and troubles in real time.

  • 12

    Fully perception the potential of data-driven marketing.

  • 13

    Generating client provides primarily based on their buying habits.

  • 14

    Improving purchaser engagement and increasing purchaser loyalty.

  • 15

    Reevaluating threat portfolios quickly

  • 16

    Big facts in EXCEL.

Career Opportunities

  • 1

    Data Analyst

  • 2

    Data Engineer

  • 3

    Developing Core Talents

  • 4

    AI Engineer

  • 5

    AI Scientist.

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