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Study BEng (HONS) On Telecommunication Engineering In China

BEng (HONS) Telecommunication Engineering

Graduates from Telecommunication programs are extremely high demand in both international market as well as China. China Campus Network Bangladesh is providing excellent opportunities for Bangladeshi students to study in china on telecommunication Engineering at Xidian University. Telecommunications engineering is an engineering discipline established on electrical and computer engineering which seeks to assist and decorate telecommunication systems. The work ranges from primary circuit diagram to strategic mass developments. The title itself proves that the future is only based on it and is positive with the standards of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. This even specifies the importance and the scope of the branch in the close to future

Future of Telecommunication Engineering in CHINA

China is innovative in big data. The whole data quantity of China will account for 20% of the global quantity by 2020. China will be the world’s No. 1 country in data aid and a world data center.

Size and forecast of the international big data market 2012-2022(E) in USD Billions 2012: 11.4 billion USD 2016: 43.7 billion USD 2022(E): 95.2 billion USD (Analysis Report of Big Data Industry, Qian Zhan Industry Research Institute.) 1.5 million Big data analyst wanted in China which will expand to 2 million by 2025. 60% of positions introduced through Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent. ALIBABA Cloud launched “Malaysia Tianehi Big Data Program” in 2017.ALIBABA Cloud Operates First Global data center in Indonesia from March 2018. COO of MDEC hopes to reinforce about 20,000 Big Data talents through 2020.

Key Features

  • 1Information transmission and channel coding theory.
  • 2Heterogeneous communication Ad-hoc Heterogeneous Networks.
  • 3Multimedia signal processing
  • 4High dynamic reliable wireless transmissions
  • 5Spectrum monitoring and cognitive wireless verbal exchange system
  • 6Space/Sky/Terrestrial Integrated Information Network
  • 7Marine digital information
  • 8Intelligent automobile network linkages and control (V2X)
  • 9The optical communication system, network and devices
  • 10Cryptograph gadget and key (classical and post-quantum) designs and evaluation
  • 11Quantum Information, quantum cryptography and quantum communication

Career Opportunities

  • 1Chief Technology Officer
  • 2Chief Executive Officer
  • 3Chief Architect Officer
  • 4Consultant
  • 5Programmer
  • 6System Analyst
  • 7Database Administrator
  • 8Network Administrator
  • 9Web Application Developer
  • 10Software Trainer
  • 11Software Tester
  • 12Researcher

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