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Why China Campus Network is RIght Choice For Students

What is CCN?

China Campus network is a consortium of 28 leading universities in China. Established in February 2016.

CCN is committed to improve the qualities of international students and standard for China education and rebrand “Study in China 2.0” Era by integrating high quality academicals and industrial resource from universities and enterprise, provident member universities with top qualities international students while empowering students to maximize their China experience with the better understandings about China and the world.

“We provide a full range of services to support you in both your learning and personal life.”

Reason for Choosing CCN

  • 1Prominent University
  • 2Qs High Ranking
  • 3World Class faculties
  • 4High Research Funding
  • 5Expert Tutors’
  • 6Low staff to student ratio
  • 7International faculties

The Perfect Locations

If location is everything, we’ve got it covered. Our campus location means you can enjoy all the region has to offer city life and culture and breathtaking country side.

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