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Why China is Different Then Others?

The Economic Miracle

  • 1Biggest exchanging country on the planet.
  • 2Second Largest Economy on the planet GDP>10.8 Trillion USD.
  • 3701.3 Million Internet Users.
  • 4By 2030 China is relied upon to be the biggest economy on the planet.
  • 54 of the main 5 biggest banks on the planet.

The Nexus of Innovation

  • 1World’s biggest E-commerce Market.
  • 2Second Largest Market for Tech Start Ups.
  • 3Alipay add up to installment volume surpass 519 Billion USD.
  • 4Alibaba Single’s day deals surpass 9 Billion USD.
  • 5Quickest train benefit on the planet greatest speed 267.8mph
  • 6Second Largest Venture Capital Market.
  • 7Second biggest automaton maker on the planet.

The Country Going Global

  • 1Huawei gives ICT answers for more than 1/3 of the total populace.
  • 2Chinese organizations have contributed more than 219 Billion USD to set up abroad in 2016 alone.
  • 3Alibaba is one of the main organizations on the planet as far as worldwide brand esteem.
  • 473 of the fortune 500 organizations are presently Chinese.

The Education of the Future

  • 1Most prevalent examination goal for abroad understudies from Asia and third most. mainstreams think about goal all around.
  • 2Chinese colleges keep on raising the worldwide rankings as far as research, subjects and employability.
  • 3There is a 5% development/year of outside understudies in China, now achieving 375,000. Worldwide pioneer in advanced education spending.

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